Friday, October 31, 2008

Update through October

This weekend is a break from the Revolve Tour [Austin's pretty bummed, but I think he needs a weekend off] so I thought I'd post an quick update on where we are through October. The clinic we funded last year is scheduled to open next month and we're all pretty excited about this, knowing that lives are going to be saved. Be sure to check out the post from October 16 to see the pictures.

So our project this year is to fund a second clinic. This second clinic will be located about 3 hours north of the one opening next month. The area for this second clinic is near Chilala which is pretty close to the Jonathan Sim Legacy School which opened last year. The budget for this second clinic is $322,000. It will cost about $125,000 more than the first one as it will be a specialty clinic to work to prevent mother to child transmission. It will also contain 3 doctors houses.  Right now, we've raised a little over $100,000 for this clinic. We're actually right on track to fund it fully as we have close to 100 Hoops of Hope events happening between now and mid December! So, if already did an event or if you're doing Hoops of Hope sometime in the next 6 weeks, every penny you raise will go to build this clinic.

I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate every volunteer, every shooter and every donor. You're helping to change lives and making an eternal impact. We'll keep you posted and thank you for all you do....

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