Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a day to start a blog

It seems fitting, I guess, that a blog which I hope will "inform and encourage young people to do more" would start on October 16th. Today will come and go for most everyone as just a normal day.  But, today is actually known as "World Food Day". Today, millions across the globe face hunger, malnutrition and disease only made worse by the increase in food prices. Tonight, 854 million people will go to bed hungry [United Nations, 2006].  When I think of these statistics, it really gets me.  Think about it - 854 million people is more than double the population of the United States.  But, we're not asked to solve the worlds problems.  We're asked to just do something.  Help one person, one family and you've done your part.

I read an article today about the very community Hoops of Hope is helping this year in Zambia.  You can view the article online by clicking here.  We've been there, touched the hands of these people and I can't wait to get back.  In fact, just last week we received the first pictures of the new medical lab / clinic we're building in Sinazongwe.  Thanks to everyone who helped with this facility.  It opens next month and immediately will start the process of literally saving lives.  When we were in Sinazongwe, the World Vision director told Austin that if they could just extend the lives of the working men for another three years, it would change the entire economic structure of this community.  This facility will do just that.  Thanks for being a part.  Enjoy the day and remember it's not just an ordinary day.


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