Friday, October 17, 2008

On route to St. Louis

Every now and then, you run into an organization that just "gets it". Thomas Nelson Live is one of these organizations. Sure, they're a business and they're financially responsible, but, their core motives go way beyond the statistics you'll find in a 10K report. We've had the privilege of joining them this year on the Revolve Tour and this weekend, we'll be at the fifth stop in St. Louis. If you've never heard of the Revolve Tour, be sure to check it out. Over 2,000 girls have already committed to doing a Hoops of Hope event from the first four Revolve Tour stops. The girls will be working on not only helping us complete our second medical clinic in Zambia, but will also be building care centers for orphan children in Swaziland. The best part of the Revolve Tour though is not the number of sign ups. It's hearing the stories of teenage girls who have been impacted by the Hoops of Hope story. I love hearing from girls who once thought they couldn't do anything who now think they can. If you've never had the chance to see the impact of this event, go to their website and find out when it's going to be in a city near you. I get chills every time I look out over an audience of 7,000 plus girls realizing that some of them are hearing for the first time how special they are and that they matter to God. It's a great experience - way to go Revolve and thanks for letting us journey with you.

In the end, it's all about changed lives. Not just in Africa, but here as well.

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