Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unexpected Gifts

Every so often, things happen at Hoops of Hope that rock our world. Little things and for some reason, they almost always happen at the Post Office. Like the time I went and pulled out a bag of coins from our box. Seriously, someone sent a bag of change and it actually made it through the system and to our PO Box - untouched [by the way, I don't recommend this :)].

This happened again last week, but this time the bag didn't jingle. It was a real check, and the story is what impacted us. Back in April, a freelance writer came to our house to do a story on Hoops of Hope for some Sunday School curriculum. The check was from him. It was made out for exactly what he was paid for doing the story. He included a note on how he just wanted to "be a part" of Hoops of Hope. How awesome and how inspiring. Thank you, Mr. Freelance writer. You've not only helped orphan children in Africa, helped tell the story so more will get involved, but you encouraged us beyond imagination.

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