Monday, October 27, 2008

A Must Read Story

Here's a story I just had to blog about. Each weekend the guys from Hawk Nelson visit a local Ronald McDonald House wherever they are on the Revolve Tour. This isn't something that is crazily advertised, they just go do it. They spend time loving on kids and making a difference in their lives.

Well, this past weekend, they visited the local house in Sacramento and they ended up bringing a little boy to the show on Saturday [sorry, I can't post his name]. The little guy was an amazing 5 year-old boy but he has four different types of cancer. We learned that his body is no longer responding to chemo treatments, so as you can imagine each day is a miracle and blessing. His dream was to be a rock star and for one Saturday afternoon, he was just that. He sang You Are My Sunshine to over 7,000 screaming girls before Jason Dunn led him over to the drum set where he climbed up and played a drum solo. Everyone in the audience [who was crying by the way] started chanting the little boy's name as he played on.

Imagine for a second how his mom must have felt watching her 5 year-old son live out his dream on stage for just a few minutes? What the band did was simple, but definitely not insignificant. I'm going to look for something simple today that I can do to add significance to someones life.

Thanks Hawk Nelson for being more than just a great band. Thank you to our new rock star for playing like a pro - your prayers are with us.

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