Friday, May 29, 2009

Rwanda Journal Entry #5

After visiting the child headed house, we went to a house that grew mushrooms. They showed us the small cash crop that was completely new to the nation. The prime minister had come to see it. We went back and ate lunch then traveled to the school. As we were on our way we came to a truck that had broken down in the dead center of the one-way road. I went with our translator on a dirt bike to the school to let the people know we were coming, but would be a bit late. The rest of the team started to

walk the 20 minutes to the school. When we all arrived the people were all lined up and the kids were seated. They sat us down and the same little girls from the other day danced again. I felt so welcome and taken back by it. They sang the national anthem of Rwanda. Everyone was on key and it sounded almost perfect. Then they sang two more songs that were just wonderful. After singing, the kids acted out skits and then showed us the school. We went into a meeting with the teachers and then I got the opportunity to play basketball with one of the boys. When it was time to go, I gave him a Fanta. He smiled from cheek to cheek, took a sip then gave it back. I guess he didn't know it was for him to keep. When we told him it was his he got so excited. He walked off into the sunset with his joy so big. What I've learned is that giving is so much better than receiving.

This concludes the trip to Rwanda. Beginning next week, we will post stories from Austin's next stop-Uganda.

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