Friday, May 15, 2009

Rwanda Journal Entry #1

We apologize for the long delay. In March 2009, Austin was able to travel to Rwanda with the Revolve team. The next few posts will be personal journal entries from his trip. To begin, here is the first entry.

Rwanda March 5, 2009

Today we had the amazing chance to go out into the field in Rwanda. First we went to the ADP office and listened to the director speak about the ADP. He talked a lot about sponsorship. One of the interesting things was about how they only do one child per family for sponsorship. He talked about how the people were very nice and kind but were struggling to survive. Next we walked back outside and into the trucks. We drove out and at the school across the street the kids started yelling “imuzungu” which means “white person”. It was sweet. We drove to a house where these kids were backing bread. They had started their own organization to make an income. But, they were actually orphans. It was their way of taking care of their younger siblings. It was neat to see that they found a way even through their hardships.


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