Thursday, May 28, 2009

Humility in the heart of a child

Six year old Makenna watched a video called "Attitude of Gratitude" at her school last week and it gave her the desire to help change lives. With such excitement from the video she saw, Makenna went home that day and began to clean out her closet. She picked out all of her favorite toys and told her mom she wanted to send them all off to the school in Africa that she heard about on the video. That school was the one Hoops of Hope built in Zambia, so Makenna's mom contacted us with her story. We were blown away by the fact that a six year old girl not only felt compassion for the children in Africa, but that she acted upon it. And she didn't just pick out all the old toys she doesn't play with anymore.... she chose the ones she loves. The ones she enjoys playing with... her favorites. I can't imagine how a six year old would be willing to give up what they love the most to bring smiles to the faces of kids they may never meet. To be honest, I sometimes have a hard time even sharing my food or giving up Starbucks for a week! Makenna's humility and her passion to help kids across the world has inspired me. She has inspired our team. And I hope she inspires you too.

Thank you Makenna for helping us to give children in Africa a brighter future. We love your kindness!

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