Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rwanda Journal Entry #2

Listen to this incredible story of a caregiver that Austin got to meet while in Rwanda. This is the same day as the previous blog entry.

March 5th continued-Rwanda

Next, we went to visit a caregiver. Her name was "Ahora". She was at a house to help someone and we came in to hear her story. The lady whose house we were in was "Agnus". They were both HIV positive. The lady had a child in her arm who was fast asleep. Ahora showed us all the things she did to take care of these sick people. Next, she shared her story. Wow! That was tough! She had 200 family members and relatives before the genocide. All had died except her. She was also raped during the genocide and that was how she got AIDs. Soon, people found her and put her on ARV's. Everyone thought it was too late. The doctors would tell her she was going to die. She proved everyone wrong and was able to recover. She also very quickly forgave and began her work as a caregiver. She now has given her life to help those who have AIDs.

Some of the women of Rwanda who represent stories like this

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