Monday, May 25, 2009

Rwanda Journal Entry #4

March 6th, 2009
The next day we first drove to the child headed household. It was just a home down from the caregiver house. The kids remembered us and held out their hands saying "mamba" which is a type of candy. We stepped inside and there were three children. They all were seated on a bench. The kids told us their story. Their dad had died early on and the mom was put in prison. They said they did not know why she was put there or if she was even still alive. That is something nobody should ever ever have to face. They said that the only way that they were able to survive was because the 8-year-old child was sponsored through World Vision. The oldest had to stay home every day cooking and cleaning. They had to live off of the money donated through World Vision. The money helped to build them a small hut. Before having a home, they lived under a tree. I can't even imagine the life they have lived. What was cool is we got to walk up the hill to get them water. With the water, I got to wash their feet. They loved it so much. Then we passed out "mamba" to the kids. They went crazy! It was such a joy to see these kids so happy.


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