Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking a second glance

This past week I had the opportunity to go to Baltimore with the Revolve Tour. As we drove through downtown on our way to our hotel, several homeless people caught my eye. I looked at one of them, and like most people, my first inclination was to turn away. Just turn my head and look away. I wanted to pretend like this person was not even there. Like he didn’t even exist. How many times do we do this? We see a man holding a sign off the freeway, or a child on our TV in need and our first thought is to just look away. Sometimes we think it is best to pretend like they aren’t even there. I wanted to do this too when I saw this man. But I knew the incredible power of a second glance. My heart said to give something to him. And I had the chance but then it was gone. The car resumed its course. I knew the incredible power of a second glance but did I take it? No, and I wish I did.

When we make a difference we are taking a second glance. When we help someone in need, we are taking a second glance. Instead of just saying, “that’s too bad” we are doing something about it. Just doing what we can is enough. Whether it is making a difference for 1 or 100…it's making a difference.

Honestly, that’s how I feel about the girls who attend Revolve. They see a need, kids without school supplies, and the take a second glance. They do something about it. The Revolve Tour girls in Baltimore, and in cities all over the country, are making a difference. They are caring about kids in need and I am so thankful to be apart of that with them.

Taking a second glance, is taking action. So, the next time I see a need, I’m looking twice. How about you? Will you take a second glance today? - austin

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