Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update from the Sinazongwe Clinic

We just received some new photos from the clinic in Sinazongwe! In fact, the CD4 count machine was recently installed and the reports from the clinic are incredible. In this picture, you can see the lines waiting to be tested! Thank you for doing something bigger than yourself!

[the following is a letter as written from one of the workers at the clinic]
On interview Joyce Muyanda, female 42 who is a Chairlady for one of the Sinazongwe Support group who was found at the clinic already carrying out educational talks with the clients could not hold her excitement for the machine that had just been installed nearer to be accessed by many sick people. In her words she said, "We are really very happy to have this CD4 machine here at this Laboratory because it has cut on our distance to Maamba hospital (which is 60km away) to have this service. And even if we travelled to Mamba Hospital the results would not be availed immediately, we would be given different dates to go and collect the results. This was so tasking and expensive on us because not everyone could afford transport money to and from Maamba. Moreover I feel this was also contributing on our conditions to getting worse because such longer distance travels to and from Maamba every now and then where we usually move on empty stomachs had a negative bearing on our nutritional status and general conditions. We have lost most of our friends in the same situation because they would not afford travelling to Maamba for the CD4 machine services". She lamented almost tearing out for the joy of how much the CD4 machine would now contribute not only to the communities surrounding Sinazongwe but even other nearby clinics. "It is amazing how God can use even young people to reach out for lives. We remember the time of launching the Laboratory, that young donor we saw really young yet could be used in such great ways. Here it is we thought it would not be a reality that the machine would finally be here", Joyce continued "May the Lord bless such people to bring back life in others who are sick and hopeless.

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