Friday, August 21, 2009

The "Wish People"

My family and I had the privilege this past week of taking a meal to a friend who is sick. Our friend greeted us at the door, while holding on to her daddy’s leg to help steady herself. We were so excited to see her even standing, let alone answering the door! We asked her how she was feeling and she didn’t really respond, just put her head against her dad. You see, our friend is only 5 years old, and has an aggressive form of brain cancer. It’s hard for her to walk, talk, or even to smile. I write this because what happened next brings tears to my eyes even as I think of it now. We asked her how her day had gone and she said “The wish people are coming” then gave us a big grin! Her dad quickly explained that the Make A Wish Foundation was sending representatives to their house that very evening and they were going to grant her a wish. It was all that little Kate could talk about. She was so excited!

It got me thinking about the “wish people” and wondering how that all got started. I mean this is a huge organization that has granted over 180 thousand wishes to kids all around the world! How did they begin? What I discovered should not have surprised me. Much like Hoops of Hope, the idea of the Make A Wish Foundation is traced back to one person, who wanted to help one child. A little boy named Chris wanted desperately to become a police officer so a family friend helped him make that dream a reality, just days before he lost his battle to leukemia. That one simple act of kindness helped give a dying child an experience he had always dreamed of, and sparked a movement that we now know as the “wish people”.

One man helping a sick child fulfill a dream. One kid in his back yard with a basketball. These are people who took their best shot, and in doing so have changed lives, and inspired countless others to do the same. It’s simple really, and humbling.

So, what’s your best shot? The answer might be simpler than you think.


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