Monday, August 17, 2009

School Days

It's Monday morning and you're up before your alarm goes up. You dress in your favorite new outfit and shoes, have the one healthy breakfast of the year and then pose for a picture with your new backpack and lunchbox in the same spot you have for the past several years. For many, this describes the first day of school.

For far too many though, the first day of school isn't ever a reality. There is no new outfit, shoes, breakfast or new backpack. Some don't even have the opportunity to go to school.

Education however, is the best hope to breaking out of poverty. Education is so highly valued in the Twachiyanda Region of Zambia that children walk miles to attend the Johnathan Sim Legacy School. Many children travel so far that a return trip home isn't even possible, resulting in overnight stays inside the classrooms.

This year, Hoops of Hope has partnered with World Vision to build 4 dormitories for the Johnathan Sim Legacy School. The first dorm, an all girls dorm, is very close to completion, with 3 other dorms to be opened in the near future.

Hoops of Hope is also partnering with the Revolve Tour and World Vision to provide orphan backpacks. For as little as a $25 donation, a child can be provided with a backpack, basic hygiene & school supplies, and a warm blanket.

Giving children an opportunity to stay in school by providing shelter and supplies are two ways Hoops of Hope is helping provide orphan children combat the devastating effects of poverty. Our hope is these children will one day become the leaders of their community and country, resulting in a radical transformation away from poverty, HIV/AIDS, and death.

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