Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thoughts on poverty

"I'm convinced that God did not mess up and make too many people and not enough stuff. Poverty was not created by God but by you and me, because we have not learned to love our neighbors as ourselves."-Shane Claiborne

This quote makes me stop dead in my tracks and really think. I've never thought of myself as being a contributor to poverty before, but what if this is true? How does the above statement alter my own reality? I recently finished reading Austin Gutwein's book entitled "Take Your Best Shot", to be released September 15, 2009. In the book, he shares the story of Hoops of Hope and how it all began. I couldn't help but walk away from that read completely inspired to be part of the change, not just through Hoops of Hope but to be a world changer to a world in great need. I was forced to ask myself the question, 'Am I living for myself or for something much greater?'. Have I learned to love others as I love myself? And if I have, how is it changing the world around me?

When you see someone in need, what do you do about it? When you're introduced to a cause that compels you, do you join forces with those that are making a difference in this world or do you weigh the cost? Things to think about...

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