Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hoops of Hope Orange County, CA

One of the first locations outside of Arizona to do Hoops of Hope was our Orange County, CA location. Our INCREDIBLE host and friend, Rachel Johnston has led this effort for 4 years and does an amazing job each time. In my opinion, the best tradition they have going is that every year, their event kicks off with an appearance by the now famous, Basketball Jones. I actually know this "mysterious" Mr. Jones and I know he can hoop it up. Which is why I laugh every year when I hear that he missed the first free-throw once again! Rumor has it that he has to keep doing Hoops of Hope until he makes the opening free-throw - which is exactly why I'm glad he keeps missing it. It's good to know he's trying, but even better to know he'll be back next year. Hoops of Hope wouldn't be the same without him!

At least he hit the rim this year :)
Thanks Orange County for loving these kids and for setting the standard for us to follow in our events. You guys are incredible.

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