Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Incredible Story

I received an email today that hit me pretty hard.  It was from the Life Time Caring Orphanage in Nigeria, Africa. This orphanage cares for children, many of whom have lost their parents to AIDS. Here's the cool part...on Monday, the kids from this orphanage did Hoops of Hope. Not for themselves, but to help other orphan kids. They got pledges and did the event so they could help other kids who aren't so fortunate. I've done some research on this orphanage and I know that they have needs of their own, and a lot of them. Yet, the kids here did something so selfless it just boggles my mind. If an orphan child can do something, can't we all? I'm getting pictures of this event, and I'll post them as soon as they come in!

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