Friday, November 7, 2008


I had some time this morning while flying to Indiana for a wedding to actually “read the paper”. It’s something I’ve been ignoring for about three months now, as the news just hasn’t been that great. Think about it, do you feel better after reading the paper or watching the news? I’m sorry, but I usually don’t. And, after reading it today…I think I’ve been right. It seems like every page is about the economy. Ugh, it depresses me to see so many people hurting. I guess that’s why when we see people donating to Hoops of Hope, especially when times are tough, it’s so incredibly encouraging.

In fact, just yesterday Denise and Austin headed to the University of South Florida to attend a Hoops of Hope event. It was an amazing event that raised over $3,000 towards the building of the clinic. So, thank you for giving and go ahead and take a sabbatical from the paper. Even Sarah Palin’s wardrobe article isn’t worth the read.

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