Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cans for Kids

Almost every week, I get to see young people from the Revolve Tour stepping forward to sponsor children in another land.  They step forward and stand in the gap for these kids.  You've heard the slogans I'm sure..."for a dollar a day, you can...".  Here's the reality though - if you're going through a good organization, this stuff is real!  I've touched the hands of children who are given hope because of someone who sponsors them.  They're given food, clothing, shelter, uniforms for school, clean water, medical care and the list goes on and on. These kids are real and the programs really work.

Which is why when I see a young child moved to sponsor another child, my heart smiles like crazy. I read a story yesterday in the World Vision winter mailing about such a child. Joanna Vasquez dreamed of providing hope for a little girl in Brazil who's picture caught her eye. A mere $35 a month might not seem like a lot, but to an 11 year old girl, it's a lot of money. So Joanna took her sponsor child's picture around to all her neighbors and asked them if they would donate their cans and bottles to her so she could recycle them and raise enough money for her sponsor child. Almost everyone in her neighborhood said yes. She established a pick-up routine and get this, collected more than 17,000 bottles and cans! She earned $771...enough to more than sponsor her little friend in Brazil.

Most days I wish I had more vision like this little girl.  Joanna, today, you're my hero.

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