Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 End of Year Update!

First of all, Thank You to everyone who participated, hosted or donated to a Hoops of Hope event in 2011. Because of you, children around the world now have hope for a future. Several exciting things happened in 2011 and we've updated them below:

Construction on a teacher house
1. Construction on the much needed teachers houses at the High School have started. In 2010, Hoops of Hope participants raised $119K to help build 4 teacher houses. These houses are expected to open in mid 2012 and will house 14 teachers at the school. Right now, one of the classrooms in being used for teacher houses as well as part of a dormitory.

Students Learning
2. This year, we were able to fully fund, build and deliver a solar computer lab to the school in Twachiyanda. This lab is the only one of its kind in Zambia. It is fully solar powered and contains 22 classmate PCs, 2 teacher PCs, a projector and an e-granary box which houses more than 30,000 reference volumes! We were able to visit the computer lab in May 2011 and were able to share the excitement with students as they learned on a computer for the first time. Intel sent a team to help install the computers and teach all the students. Check the blog from September for stories on how the computers are being used and benefiting the entire community.
Intel Teachers
Computer Lab

Water from the Borehole at the School
3. At the school, we were also able to fund a solar water system that included not only a deep borehole, but solar power to pump the water up a hill to a 60,000 liter holding tank. The water then runs from the tank to... flushing toilets and showers for the students! Imagine this - four years ago, there was no school in a 70 mile region, and now, it is one of the most premier schools in all of Zambia complete with a computer lab, dormitories and flushing toilets and showers! A student asked us when we were there what it would be like to take a shower :)

Austin at the new Borehole
4. In the community, we were able to fund the construction of two deep boreholes as a result of a church doing Hoops of Hope in Ohio. The wells will provide fresh water for 40 villages.

The Community

5. We were able to help build a dormitory for 30 boys at the Huruma Children's Home in Kenya. Right now, there are 150 children sleeping in a 2000 sq. foot house. The dorm is currently under construction and will open in 2012.

Children Eating in Malawi
6. Finally, were were able to fund the feeding of 550 children in Malawi for the entire year of 2012! For $40 a year, a child can eat a nutritious meal once a day which will sustain their growth needs. Many children in the region where we are working [Mtema], used to eat only a few times a week. Now, because of your help, 550 will eat everyday for the entire year. What a blessing.

Fortified Meal for Children in Malawi

It's been an amazing year and we are so thankful to you for your partnership. Once again, 100% of our administrative costs were covered in 2011 which means that every penny you raised went directly to these projects. And, great news, we're funded for 2012! So, if you're thinking about doing a Hoops of Hope event in 2012, 100% of everything you raise will go directly to help children. No overhead will be taken out of what you raise.  Watch for our 2012 projects released next week!

Blessings and Merry Christmas to you,
Hoops of Hope Team

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