Friday, September 16, 2011

Computer Lab Update

Here are a few quotes from students and teachers at the Johnathan Sim School

"With the coming of computers, doing assignments has become much easy as we can research using the computers, as opposed to what used to happen in the past where we could go to the school leavers for help. We are privileged to have this technology”
Monde Grade 12

“Life has been made easy because if I don’t understand I can easily browse through the e-Granary and get more understanding of the topic”
- Mwiinga Grade 10

“Since we do not have a library, I depended on the notes given in class but with the coming of the computers, home works, assignments, projects are easy to do now. Thanks to Hoops of Hope”.- Kasonde Grade 12

“Standard of learning has improved. I have improved Skills like typing and hence even as I Complete my School it will be easy for me to get a job since computer literacy is one of the requirements”- Malasha Grade 12

“My performance has improved due to these computers. The educational material on these computers supplements to classroom learning activities”
- Mainza Grade 12

“It’s a great thing which has happened to this community. We are thankful to the Hoops of Hope, Intel group and World Vision for this wonderful gesture. Our children are now part of the ICT global community. Since its inception, pupils have acquired computer basic skills which have made both teaching and learning much easy. As teachers, the computers have helped us in teaching, strategic planning, assessments, facilitation and monitoring and evaluation of various school projects. “
Simwanza (Teacher)

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