Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zambia: March 2009

Austin and a team from Hoops of Hope and World Vision got the opportunity to visit Zambia where the new medical clinic was dedicated. Here are some stories from the trip-

Words don't even describe it. Today we got to visit with a patient from the medical clinc in Zambia. Her name was Media and was 27 years old. She had AIDs and her 3 month baby also had it. They were both on ARVs. Media explained how the clinic would allow her to get her required check up. She said that before the clinic was built, she would have to take a ride to a nearby town to get the check up. But it would cost her 40,000 kawatcha which is about $8. She said one time she only had 20,000 so she was stuck for a whole day. Now because of the clinic, she would be able to walk a short distance to get treatment. That is so cool to hear. It was such a joy to see this woman so happy because she could now just walk to get help.

Next, we traveled to an OVC kids house. The family was a widow and her three kids.

The mom had no real source of income. She would pull weeds when she could. That only paid 10,000 kawatcha which is $2. The family lived on $2 for a month. That's all they would get. By this time, the family had not eaten in 2 days. Wow, that was real poverty. The kids had their only clothes on. But, the joy they had through their pain was incredible. They were happy even though they literally had nothing. We gave them a soccer ball and then headed back. The kids were incredibly happy. It was so cool. Being back at the lodge tonight and hearing similar stories from the rest of the team was inspiring. Everyone came back different. I got my speech done for the clinic dedication. It isn't much of a speech to do justice of what God has done here. I cannot wait for tomorrow.


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