Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool Story from a Hoops of Hope event

Remember, it doesn't matter how big your event. It only matters that you do something. The following is from a girl who did Hoops of Hope...

Alrighty! The Hoops of Hope event went well Saturday, no major catastrophes or anything of the sort, but the amount of people who showed up wasn't the biggest turn out. There was maybe an average of 3-5 people that weren't volunteers at the event, but it still went well. I'm so glad that God let me be a part of this ministry! I know that this fundraiser helps out AIDS orphans and all, which is great! But what I find greater is how God used this event to draw me closer to Him. I look back and see how he used everything that happened, every hardship, every hurdle, to lean on Him and trust in what He's doing.

Toward the last week of Hoops of Hope before the event, I was starting to get tired. But God kept telling me, "don't give up; keep going". so I did as He said. It took a lot of work, but because I pushed hard to reach our goal we not only reached the goal of $1,000, but we went past it by a few hundred dollars. When I was getting tired I felt like it was the 4th and last period of the game. If I started backing down, we would of lost. But I chose to pursue and conquer, and God helped me throughout the entire way! Hoops of Hope has not just richly blessed those kids in Zambia, He's richly blessed me by letting me along for the ride!


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