Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The auditorium was filled with joyful shouts of all generations alike as they praised God and the atmosphere was electric, music from Ryan Axtell and the Stellar Kart band ringing through the air! August 31st, was amazing! The uplifting worship music from Ryan and the rock music from the Stellar Kart band resulted to a beautiful blend! Austin gave a superb testimony of what is going on in Africa and the Stellar Kart echoed Austin’s words because their lead singer, Adam, went for an African tour with Hoops of Hope back in June of this year. The band is made up of Adam B. Agee- the lead singer, Brian Calcara - bass player, Jordan Bradford Messer – drummer and Jon Howard-guitarist. They got to know the needs facing the continent and the passion they felt resonated in the music they represented. There were some hilarious spots whereby the band played famous theme songs of their favorite movies in rock and it was awesome! Because of the amazing and generous hearts of all involved in this amazing concert the children at Huruma Children’s Home will have a place to lay their head on every night. The crowd resonated well with the Band and children were sponsored through World Vision. Truly is takes a heart of love and generosity to do what Hoops of hope does. Austin exudes the aura of a servant who is always ready to help others in their most needy situation. Thank you to all of you for making the concert a success!! Thank you to Ryan Axtell, Stellar Kart band, the army of volunteers, World Vision and everybody who supported in kind and prayer!!!


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