Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 End of Year Update

As I look back and reflect on 2009, once again, I am amazed and humbled. I’m amazed at the passionate people who participated in and hosted events around the world. I’m humbled to be able to play a small role.

In a year where worry and cutbacks plagued many non-profits, we moved forward, holding 271 Hoops of Hope events and raising enough to fully fund four dormitories, a new medical clinic in Zambia, a water system in Kenya, and two hope centers in Swaziland. Because of thousands of volunteers, we were able to do this with the equivalent of two employees. This allowed us to keep our non-program cost to less than 5% and were able to continue to commit 100% of funds raised at our events to the children we’re helping.

Here is a quick update of the projects Hoops of Hope has been involved with:

  • Johnathan Sim Legacy High School: Now in it’s 2nd year, close to 500 students are receiving a high school education for the first time. Hoops of Hope has funded 4 dormitories to house 210 students of which many are currently sleeping in the classrooms. The first dorm to house 80 girls is open. The second dorm to house 40 boys is under construction. The remaining two dorms will open in 2010.

  • Medical Clinic in Sinazongwe: The clinic has been open for about 9 months and has served many people in the community offering life-saving treatment and counseling. As one of the government leaders put it, the clinic will save an “entire generation” of Zambian children.

  • Medical Clinic in Chilala: The clinic in Chilala has been fully funded and is currently under construction due to open mid 2010.

  • Water Project in Kenya: Hoops of Hope partnered with LCBC in Pennsylvania to fund a complete water system in Kenya that is under construction.

  • Hope Centers in Swaziland: These two centers provide a safety net for children orphaned by AIDS. Each center offers education, food, healthcare and life-skills training.

Equally as important as the projects we’re working on, we were able to impact nearly 20,000 young people who participated in a Hoops of Hope marathon. These students were able to realize that they can make a difference no matter what their age.

I’ll share an update on the projects we’re working on for 2010 in a blog to be posted later this week. In the meantime, thank you for being a part of Hoops of Hope.


Director [volunteer]

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