Friday, January 9, 2009

Expired Milk

What comes to your mind when you think of expired milk? I just get this sour taste in my mouth and shiver. I kind of twitch a little and make an attempt to get it out of my mind. Well the other day I was drinking some chocolate milk and as I went to put it away I saw the expiration date. Again, I shuddered at the thought of rotten milk. It got me thinking. You see expiration dates are on almost everything. Almost everything on this earth will one day be no more. My dog and my fish and this house will all be gone one day. Almost everything. There is one thing that doesn't. That's us. I think that so many times we get caught up in living in the moment. We don't realize that this is just a small amount of time compared to eternity. We have so much more coming up. Life doesn't end here. We don't expire. God has a plan for our life. So instead of living like we have an expiration date let's make an impact for the kingdom.

In Him,
Austin Gutwein


Tara said...

This is awesome Austin. Thanks for reminding us to keep an eternity mindset.

Alyssa said...

Austin, good thoughts. I like reading your blogs.

Lisa Nunley said...

Excellent post.

My oldest boys, Josh (15 years old) and Brandon (13 years old) are a part of a Christian band called VIVIT (Latin for "He Lives")
They have several performances lined up this summer. At each performance they want to promote a fundraiser that will be at the end of this summer. They want it to be a Hoops of Hope event. We are currently trying to secure a facility and date. They have 5 members in the band. The vocalist is 16; the keyboardist and back-up vocalist is 14; and the drummer is 13. My oldest plays lead electric and Brandon plays the bass.
They love what they do and have a passion to glorify God in their lives and music. They found out about you from the Rebelution.
One of their questions is, can they do a Hoops for Hope event that would focus on these particular orphans? :Kyiv AIDS orphans

Here is VIVIT's website: